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Harry Potter and Philosopher's stone by JK Rowling book review

Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone by JK Rowling book review.

Well I know that everyone knows about this book and that I can’t say that many people will gain anything new from this review but I feel that its only right that I write about how much this book (and the books and films that follow) have, and continue to, make me happy and inspire my imagination.

To begin with I would just like to thank JK Rowling for creating the much loved characters like Harry, Ron and Hermione and the hated characters such as Voldermort and the Malfoy family. Even though I know she is far too busy to look at our blogs it just feels right to thank her.

Anyway onto the book…

One of the many covers designed for this book is this one

This cover shows a key point in Harry’s discovery into the world of magic and his dark history. His face shows shock at the Hogwarts express and also the method of reaching platform 9 ¾. The text of the title is simple with a short reviewing quote at the bottom of the page; in this case it is from the Sunday Telegraph.

My favourite character in this book is definitely Hermione Granger as she is quite a swot as she has read all of their books before even entering the Hogwarts building. Plus she is always the first to manage to complete anything in all of her classes and is often looked upon as a know it all and a goody two shoes. I see a likeness between me and Hermione as I am always the first to have read anything and am never happy to break the rules.

In this book Harry is introduced to the audience as a young baby, as his parents have been killed he then is taken in by his uncle and aunt Dursley. The Dursley’s swear to stamp out all of the magic in baby Harry and bring him up telling him that his parents died in a car crash and that is where he obtained his lightning shaped scar. Little did Harry know that every wizard child knows his name and his story as he is hailed as the ‘chosen one’ as he managed to ‘defeat’ Voldermort.

The book also follows Harry and his friends as they settle into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The trials they face with the new subjects that resemble nothing like the maths and English that Harry is used to studying.

Well I find it extremely pointless saying how much I enjoyed this book as it’s kind of hard not to enjoy this wonderfully written book. I would say that a reader would have to be at least 10 to fully understand all parts of the book but there is no way a maximum age to read the book.

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