Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Boys for beginners by Lil Chase Review

Boys for beginners- Lil Chase- Review

This book is not my normal read but I am glad I did read it as it shows that sometimes even if you make a massive change to yourself it may not make a good impression on the boy who you want to notice you. So in the short “Sometimes it’s best to be yourself because that’s who your loved for being.”

This is the cover of the book- from this cover it is easy to gather that this book is mostly aimed at teenage girls rather than younger girls or even boys! It shows makeup and pretty dresses and bag but also football boots. This could suggest that either the main female character enjoys playing football or that the boys that she likes like football. 

 The main theme of the book is the transformation of Gwynnie, a teenage girl who up until the arrival of Charlie is only interested in Football and Spurs football team. The book follows her transformation from tomboyish sports person to a beautiful and boy magnet girlie girl. Will she get Charlie this way or will he forever see her as his football mate not a potential girlfriend. 

In her quest to get her man Gwynnie deserts her football mad male friends and befriends the BB club, the club is one of the most powerful and influential groups in the school. The BB club all share one goal to get their naval pierced. Whilst Gwynnie really doesn’t want this she realises that this group is the only group that can teach her all of the skills (like makeup application) that she needs to make Charlie notice her.

Will she get her man?

I really enjoyed this book even though, as I mentioned before, it is not my normal read. I think that this book is probably best suited to girls over the age of 11 as it talks about boys and sex.

 Please comment with spelling and grammar mistakes so I can correct them xox

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