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The Witch Of Turlingham Academy by Ellie Boswell Review

The Witch of Turlingham Academy by Ellie Boswell review

This is the first book I have won on the fabulous GirlsHeart Books Blog.

Sophie- one of the main female characters in this book is the Headmistress’ daughter, this means that Sophie is the only day student at Turlingham Academy. Therefore she misses out on all of the late night feasts and gossip sessions. When the new student Katy starts at the school Sophie knows straight away that Katy has the potential to steal all of Sophie’s friends away from her and, when this begins to happen, Sophie feels like the whole world is against her.

Sophie manages, through some not so subtle spying, to uncover Katy’s darkest secret- she is a witch hunter! With this secret against Katy things manage to begin to look up for Sophie- and she discovers many things about herself too! When she realises that hanging around with Katy is putting her, and her friends, in danger Sophie should stay well away from the witch hunter. But, you know what friendship is like- found in the most dangerous and scary situations- Sophie can’t just leave the new girl to fend for herself can she?

My favourite character in this book is Sophie as she feels she is missing out on all of the action and being pushed out of her friendship group. This made me feel sorry for her- also I thought about how hard it must be to have your mum as the head teacher at your school.

The cover of this book fits the story perfectly as, from the girl in school uniform, you know it’s about a school and the sparkles show that there is magic involved.

Here is the cover of the book:

I think that, despite the fact that the book is advertised for 9 year olds it is a good book with plenty of morals to it- such as that true friends stick together and don’t let each other down. I would give this book a 8/10. 

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