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The crazy things girls do for love by Dyan Sheldon

The crazy things girls do for love by Dyan Sheldon
This book is all about the lengths girls go to to make the boy they like notice them. In this book the new boy at school, Cory, catches the attention of three very different girls (Waneeda, Maya and Sicilee). All three of these girls are very different but all have one thing in common- they no nothing and don’t really care about the environment. So when Cory arrives and turns out to a right nature geek (in a surprisingly hot way) all three girls must swot up on their saving of the world info.
Sicilee is your typical girly and popular girl- with a high reputation to maintain. Not really the sort to be caught handing out leaflets advertising green day, or is she?
Waneeda is the best friend of one of the nature club’s keenest members but Waneeda still isn’t persuaded to join the club. Once Cory joins will that all change?
Maya is your typical girl- large group of friends and quite fashion conscious, would she dare make a move that would make her into a geeky, unpopular no one?
My favourite character in this book is definitely Sicilee- she is popular and has the power to affect school in ways that only people with popularity can. Sicilee buys a bag so do the rest of the girls in school. I believe that Sicilee should use her social status to help save the world- rather than swan around school like she owns it.

The cover of this book is quite a funky and cool cover as it shows pink and cream yellow stripy tights and attractive title and author name. The background is lined paper to show a kind of school theme.

I really enjoyed this book, it is funny, entertaining and immensely like real life (in the way that there are so many social groups within schools) this makes this book so easy to read as you can see so many links with real life it made relate to the characters so much more.  
I would say anyone over the age of 11 would love this book- they would get the different social statuses that appear in any high school. 

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