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Girl Missing by Sophie McKenzie review

Girl Missing by Sophie McKenzie review
I have read this book countless times but thought, seeing as the sequel has recently been released, I should re-acquaint myself with the plot. And yet again this book lived up to every expectation!!!! It is every bit as WODERFUL as I remember it!!!!
Lauren has always wondered who she was- from the moment she found out she was adopted she has wanted to know who and where she comes from. School essays on ‘who am I’ don’t help much either! So when she asks her mum about her ‘real’ mother and gets the same reply as always (NO) she decides to take matters into her own hands and, in an impulsive action, looks on a Missing Children Website. That is when she first discovers Martha Lauren Purditt, a girl who was taken from her family when she was only 3 years old.
Here is the cover of the book:
It is a really powerful cover as the bluey splodges have the picture of a little girl in them- this makes you instantly know that a little girl is going to be lost. The splodges also show either rain or tear drops- I believe that they should be tears as they would then represent the tears that have been shed by the families of the missing children.  

My favourite character in this book is definitely Jam (Lauren’s best friend) the way that he acts to help Lauren is amazingly selfless as he puts himself in danger to help her. He often knows that what she wants to do could kill them both but he doesn’t leave her- he just keeps going along with her, his thinking is that when she is with him she has a much greater chance of surviving.
I think this book is wonderful as it makes me scared and happy at the right points- that is what makes a fabbbbbyyyyyyy book!!!
I think this book is unsuitable for kids under the age of 12 as it made me scared and would probably freak them out.
It is a wonderful book!!!!! 

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